Kinsale branch: Coolvallanane Beg viaduct piers and Glanbeg road underbridge

Between Farrangalway and Kinsale there are only three remaining fragments of any great interest. Two are shown below – the third is an exceptionally deep rock cutting which proved very difficult to photograph as there is a cliff face on both sides, and there is a sizable lake at the bottom. Unusually, the cutting has not been infilled with soil or rubbish since 1931. For those interested, here is the map link.

Below are the five remaining piers of the viaduct in the townland of Coolvallanane Beg. Unusually, they were replaced with a large earthen embankment in the latter half of the nineteenth century. After closure the earth was taken away, leaving these piers standing idly by a local public road. The earthen embankment had been installed by the time the Ordnance Survey made their 25″ maps for the area, and are therefore not shown. The other image is a large bridge over a little access road, around 150 yards north of the old station at Kinsale.


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