The Clonakilty branch: a section of forest half-way between Gaggan and Ballinascarty

Around three miles south of Clonakilty Junction (Gaggan) station, the branch line to Clonakilty passed through what is now dense planted forest in the townlands of Cashel More, Tullymurrihy and Lisnacunna. This was the summit between Gaggan and Ballinascarty – until this point the track was on a climbing gradient, and after it the track followed the Reanagar river all the way down to Ballinascarty. Shown below are three photos – 1) the trackbed, which is now an opening in the forest, 2) the Reanagar river on approach to its second intersection with the track (the abutments are still in place though too overgrown to make much of an interesting photo), and 3) the road overbridge to the south of the forest, still intact and carrying a local public road. This branch line was opened in 1886 and closed in 1961. The tracks were removed by late 1962, and since then nature has returned.


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